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Car&Bus - Shuttle

 1: Contract

1.1 The contract is written by E-mails or comes by telephone. After coming of confirmation the booking will be valid.

2: Payment

2.1 The payment result according to registration of the chosen payment. , PayPal, cash on arrival).  If the payment doesn´t result, the transfer can be refused.

2.2  Power changes after the contract request by orderer, will calculate with a fee of 10 €.

2.3   After contract formation the orderer have to transfer the agreed price until 7 days.

3. Service

3.1 Based on the contract, the company "Car&Bus" takes over the implementation of the agreed transport

3.2   The price contains following basics service: The transport of the booking transfer, number of persons and transport of luggage (1 suitcase per person 10 kg). Not including service are, due change requests, extra time for the drive, not registered Pick-up address and the behavior of the purchaser or fellow passenger.For the drive to another address within one order on the direct way from or to airport, for excess baggage, and not agreed service you have to pay an additional fee of 10 € .

The condition is the application of this special service in advance of the transport in company "Car&Bus”. If the order refrain this registration, the transport will reform after the agreed basics service.

3.3 The definition of the appointments and pick-up times of the customer is exclusively responsible of the firm "Car&Bus”.Specific factors in determining are the chosen type of transport, drive time, road and weather conditions and the provisions of the Charter-scheduled airlines. The travel time is enough factored, that you arrive on time for check-in at the airport.

Travel longer than 2 months is busy, must contact again either by phone or e-mail. Fa.Car & Bus -Transfer
If the journey guests on the answers can not contact the Fa.Car & Bus transfer to travel cancel. Thank you for your feedback contact and understanding.

The orderer agrees to the specified pick-up time at the agreed place to keep ready. When the flight time, airline or airport change after booking, so the order immediately have to inform the company “Car&Bus” otherwise the obligation of the transport expires.

 The company “Car&Bus-Transfer's” isn´t liable for damages caused by delay of the customer for delays and traffic jams, extreme weather conditions, air traffic controllers strike, force majeure, accidents, accidents involving animals.

Pick up time at the airport, is the scheduled arrival time. In case of delays the company can´t wait more than 90 minutes over the scheduled arrival time. By shifts or failure of the flight the company hasn´t the claim of the transport, therefore you must immediately inform us. The company always endeavors to bring you again from the airport to home. If the company “Car&Bus” wait longer for the passenger, we will raise a flat rate of 15, 00 € per beginning hour.

Upon collectionof addresses , we wait not more than 30 minutes

Between 22.00-6.00 clock we charge a night surcharge of € 10.00€.  

3.6 Dangerous, perishable, flammable or explosive objects won´t be carried. Animals will be only pick , after particularly agreement with the company “Car&Bus”. Soiled stuffs, bulky, and inadequately protected or poorly packed luggage, etc are only allowed, when damages, contamination, or hazards are excluded Pollution caused by the passenger, we charge a cleaning fee of 40 €

4. Resignation of the contract of carriage

The company “Car&Bus” can resign of the contract, if there is an important basic. For example: the amount wasn´t transferred on time, absence or delay of the flight. The orderer can resign from the contract; the following cancellation charges are raised


If the ordering transport is ignored on site (home, airport), the company “Car&Bus” will take demand for 50 % of the agreed Price.

5. Cancellation of the contract of carriage

The company and the orderer can cancel the contract, if there is an important basic and the continuation of the transport makes unreasonable, especially in cases such as alcohol or drug abuse (aggressiveness) of higher violence such as war, riots, epidemics, weather greatly endangered - and road conditions. In these cases the company “Car&Bus” has before or during the transport time to take the necessary organizational management measures in consultation with the orderer.